"Replicate don't innovate..
Someone else has gone
and done your homework
for you. They have taken
the risk, the time and spent
the dollars."
Steven W. Lapham,
Sterling Drug

Move Coordination

How tough can this stuff be?

  • Is your company planning a renovation, reorganization or relocation?
  • Do you need to move people, telephones, data communications and office support systems and still be able to operate?
  • Is it important to you to execute a relocation or renovation without impacting your customers?
  • Do you have too few people doing too many jobs and wonder who will plan for the logistics of moving companies, systems installers, security systems, telephone and data communications systems?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions you are experiencing the same concerns many companies undergo when contemplating moving or renovating while still being able to serve your customers without negative impact.

Unfortunately many people find out far too late that there is more to moving a company than just calling a mover and setting a date. They are overwhelmed by all the details to track and the number of steps involved.

Moving your company doesn’t have to be a painful experience. By following a proven process your move can be a smoother and far less stressful task than you thought.

Do you need outside help?

At some point most people ask themselves: “Can’t the moving company just handle the whole thing?” Most moving companies are not set up to manage every aspect of a corporate relocation to the level of detail necessary.

The real questions are:

  • Does someone in your company have enough time to manage your move?
  • Will the additional work caused by the relocation allow you and your staff the time to complete your existing responsibilities?

Most companies move only occasionally and as a result they usually do not have the staff with the appropriate experience to guide them through a move from start to finish.

By following an established, proven process and using an outside resource with years of move and relocation experience, you can save time and money while avoiding unnecessary headaches.

Hartford Installations, LLC may be your answer. It takes experience and strong relationships with furniture companies, moving companies, systems installers and telecommunications companies to successfully coordinate a renovation or relocation.

Services Offered

  • Logistic planning, scheduling, and developing action plans
  • Project management/project liaison with contractors
  • Assisting in determining critical issues
  • Identifying conflicts in schedules and providing solutions for resolving conflicts
  • Conducting inventories on existing furniture and fixtures to determine its use and placement in the new location
  • Conducting move coordination meetings with staff outlining areas of responsibility and necessary tasks
  • Developing communications regarding move logistics for internal staff and external clients
  • Developing RFPs for moving companies, furniture vendors and furniture installers
  • Review of proposals from vendors and assistance in determining the best suppliers for the services required
  • Coordination for the disposition of unused/unneeded furniture
  • Coordination with communications vendors, moving companies and furniture and systems installers