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The Wright Move

Material Handling Installations

warehouse shelvingPallets, cartons and packages need to be moved and stored. Bulk parts need to be shelved and organized. Sensitive items require security cages. Your needs may dictate having a workstation bridge or gantry crane…… These are just some of the components of material handling equipment that we handle regularly.

Whether your storage needs are static or active, we can assemble and install

  • Push-back pallet racking
  • Drive-thru racking
  • Carton Flow Systems
  • Bulk Storage Systems
  • Heavy duty warehouse shelving
  • Cantilever racks
  • Stacking racks
  • Security cages
  • Storage cabinets
  • Stretch-wrap machines

If you have to move or lift it, we can assemble and install

  • Materials carts
  • Delivery carts and dollies
  • Pallet jacks pallet lifts
  • Gantry cranes
  • Bridge cranes
  • Conveyors

If it’s a safety or protection concern, we’ll install

  • Emergency stop lines
  • Guard rails
  • Pallet rack netting and end cap caging
  • Guide rail assemblies
  • Post and corner protection
  • Fall arrest track and rail

warehouse shelvingNeed pricing for the products that we install? We’ll gladly refer you on to one of the many suppliers in your area. Our contacts have been well established and as a result, your plant needs will be expeditiously reviewed and met.

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