"A very well coordinated effort! Planning and communication were instrumental in seeing that our [two hundred} offices were re-installed with no impact on our operations. Thank you!" M.L. Diversified Communications

Furniture Services and Installations

Whether you are a facilities manager tasked with purchasing a single desk or a manufacturers sales representative having just sold five-hundred modular systems to a larger customer, we’ve received, installed, assembled and placed it all!!   Any brand of furniture in any circumstance, our installations personnel can meet your timelines and deliver to even the most difficult building locations and sensitive environments and leave your space in a clean, bright and finished way. We know that while we’re in your space, we represent you and are an extension of your company, an integral part of our mindset while we work.

  • Is there an associate in your midst that requires more space or a workspace ergonomics adjustment?
  • Are you expanding? Purchasing more workspace and furniture to accommodate an increased workforce? Or perhaps downsizing?
  • Is your company relocating and requires that your systems furniture need to move with you?
  • Or have you simply purchased office furnishings from one of the many large stores that may not deliver and assemble or install? And who’s going to dispose of the crates and packaging?

Your project begins before the furniture arrives. We visit the site, meet with building managers, identify routes for a low-impact delivery and protect walls, floors and doorways. We’ll work with your schedule; days, nights, weekends or holidays to minimize impact on your operations. We will also:

  • Provide totes and labels for packing
  • Conduct “Move Services” presentations for your convenience, a great tool to get everyone on the same page and prepared
  • Coordinate with any vendors, subcontractors or other tenants to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted flow of work
  • Supply carts and packing materials for artwork, records and filing needs

Some of the product lines we’re proud to work with



Kimball InternationalTeknion

Herman MillerStylex